Nuit Blanche - celebration de l'Art contemporain la nuit du Samedi 1er Octobre

Nuit Blanche - celebration de l'Art contemporain la nuit du Samedi 1er Octobre

The Nuit blanche (meaning  in english "all nighter") was launched in 2002 and is now held every year from 7pm till 7am on the first saturday of October.  The festival was created to promote art and culture.  Countless Paris galleries, museums, city halls will open their doors all night and numerous light installations, edgy performances, and concerts will be happening in the streets of Paris for only one night.



(c)AnishKapoor Descension Square du Vert-Galant, 7pm to 7am


This year's events are mainly going to be centered around the Seine River.




The best thing to do is to just walk around, you can check anything that looks interesting as it is all free of charge. Download the app to see the full course, which stretches from the Gare de Lyon to beyond the Eiffel Tower.



(c)Oliver Beer Live Stream



Here is a selection of happenings:

* Conciergerie: optical illusions

* Gardens of the Petit Palais: nymphs of the cabaret group Crazy Horse 

* Banks of the Seine: zombies from British artist Ryan Gander until 2am

* Saint-Eustache church: voûtes célèstes

* the new street art museum 42: Banksy

* Pont des arts:  Oliver Beer Live Stream
* Monnaie de paris: Matthew Barney Drawing Restraint 15



 (c)Pierre Delavie La Conciergerie


Enjoy this great cultural night and let us know what installations you liked the most!